Community Development Initiatives


1. Sneh Bal Vikas Kendra

  • Providing Free Education for Children from the weaker Section of the society.
  • Imparting cleanliness, self respect & imparting national pride.
  • Providing healthy food cooked in the Sneh Bal Vikas Kendra.
  • You may also celebrate your children's birthday by providing food to these children and also on special occasions.
  1. To open Sneh Bal Ashram for 100 Orphan Children in Fariadabad
  2. To Start Sneh Bal Vikas Kendra's in four more states.
    1. Himachal Pradesh (Chally Village, Near Subathu in Solan Distt.)                                                                            
    2. Jammu Kashmir (Darshopur Village in Punch Near Jammu City)
    3. Punjab (Patiala Distt.)
    4. Delhi (J.J. Colony)

1. Educate a child Rs. 200/- month.
2. Provide Lunch Per Child Rs. 350/- month.
3. Providing Both Rs. 550/- month.
4. Providing Medical Checkup once in a month, Rs. 50/-
5. We are in a process to provide recreation & Sports for children also.
6. We have other healthy Plans for children in Pipeline Like Library, Computer Labs, fortnightly weekend trips to nearby educational and recreational places.

Our Bank Details
A/c Name: Community Development Initiatives
A/c No: 00542191019954
IFSC Code: ORBC0100054
Branch: Sector 7, Faridabad, Haryana, India

2. Sneh Mahila Vikas Kendra 
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